Beautiful baby names for when you are due near Christmas

When you’re expecting a baby in December and have not yet found a name for your baby that you love? Then you may be looking for unique and beautiful baby names that somehow symbolize the magic of the holiday season.

beautiful baby names

Why not find inspiration for Christmas baby names from movies, carols, the birth of Jesus, winter greenery, and fruits, anything that captures the spirit of the season?

Some of these unique Christmas baby names focus on the bible and the birth of Jesus Christ, whereas others emphasize the Christmas celebrations’ feelings. The key element of all Christmas-inspired baby names is that they represent the warmth and joy of this magical season.

We love to help choose a special name for your bundle of joy, so SmartMumsClub made up a list of the most beautiful names for babies born during this wonderful time of the year.


Christmas baby names for girls

Beautiful baby names for girls and their meanings

Choose from famous Christmas names, winter girl names, and biblical girls’ names listed in alphabetical order.

Angel, Angelina, Angelica, Angelique

Meaning: all names inspired by Christmas Angels. Some famous people named after angels are Angelica Houston and Angelina Jolie.


Derived from the Old English word elf, meaning: Elf, King, Power.

Bell, Bella, Belle

Meaning: Beautiful. It also refers to bells that ring on Christmas eve to signal the beginning of the Church’s midnight mass. Other famous bells associated with Christmas are, of course, from the song Jingle bells.

Beth, Bethany, Bethenny

Meaning: God is my oath. Sometimes used as a nickname for Elizabeth. It also reminds us of the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem.


Name from old English origin meaning Berry (small fruit). Red berries, are the fruit used in many Christmas decorations.

Candi, Candy, Candace

As in Candy Cane and Christmas Candy. Candace, is derived from the Latin candidus meaning White, Pure, or Sincere. Some stories suggest that the ‘J’ shape can stand for the name Jesus or the shape of the shepherds’ canes who first visited the newborn child.


Carol means Free Person or Song. One of the most famous Christmas movies of all time is Charles Dickens’s, A Christmas Carol.


Meaning: Bright, Light, or Clear. Named after the Italian Saint Chiara


Meaning: Born in December, the month we celebrate Christmas. A name used for both genders.

Dorothy, Dorothea

Meaning: Gift from God and is of Greek origin. “Doro” means gift in Greek, and “Thea” means goddess.


Looking for beautiful, rare girls’ names? Eira is a cute Welsh name that means snow. For many of us, the connection between snow and Christmas comes through the famous movie/song “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas.” This old Christmas movie starring Bing Crosby was filmed in the snowy countryside of Vermont.

I love snow for the same reason I love Christmas. It brings people together while time stands still.

Rachel Cohn

Esther, Estelle

Esther is of Persian origin and means Star. But in Latin, Estelle is the name for star, reminding us of the star of Bethlehem or the Christmas star.


From Hebrew origin. Meaning: to Breathe or to Live. Also refers to Christmas eve the evening before Christmas day.


The name Faith means Trust or Belief and can be written as Fayth.

Felice, Felicia, Felicity

In Latin, the name Felice means Filled with Happiness. As used in Feliz Navidad, the Spanish for “Happy Christmas” or “Merry Christmas.


Pronounced as Foteiní. Is a beautiful name of Greek origin, meaning Light or bright shiny light.  

Grace, Grayse, Gracia

Meaning: Eloquence, Kindness, Favor, Effortless beauty. But its biblical meaning is Forgiveness and Salvation. God’s favor and love for humanity were sending his Son, Jesus Christ. Famous women named Grace are Grace Kelly and Grace Jones.


Meaning: Pure. Ginger is an ingredient used worldwide to flavor Christmas baked goods, like gingerbread cookies.


This English name refers to the holly tree with red berries very popular in holiday decorations. Holly symbolizes the crown Jesus was wearing on his head and the berries the blood from the thorns.


Meaning: Climbing Vine Plant. Another plant is often used in Christmas garlands and wreaths.


Meaning: Happiness. Christmas is the time we spend with our families, and fills our hearts with happiness and joy.

Christmas is joy, religious joy, an inner joy of light and peace.

Pope Francis


Meaning: Young or Evergreen. Juniper trees are in some areas used as Christmas trees. Additionally, greenery is often used in Christmas centerpieces.

Mary, Maria, Miriam

Meaning: Wished for Child and beloved. A name of Hebrew origin and referring to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus whose birth we celebrate at Christmas.

Natalie, Natalia, Natasha

Meaning: Born on Christmas Day. What name could be more appropriate if your baby is born on Christmas day.

Neva, Nieva

The meaning of this beautiful name of Spanish origin is White Snow or Snowing. Lots of people are hoping for a ‘White Christmas.’ To wake up on a Christmas morning with everything covered in snow is how many people picture the perfect Christmas. Obviously, this romanticism is created by many songs, stories, and movies.

Noelle, Noella

Meaning: Christmas. Which relates directly to the Christmas celebration. It originates from the Latin “Natalis Dies Domini” which translates to the Lord’s birthday

Robin, Robyn

Meaning: Bright or Famous. Since Victorian times, when people first started sending Christmas cards, we see images of robins. Why do we associate Christmas with robins? Visit to read why this kind-hearted little bird is depicted on many Christmas cards.

Serephina, Serefine

Meaning: Angel or Fiery. It is the feminine form of the Latin name Seraphinus. In the bible, the Seraphim were described as the most powerful angels or fiery ones.


The name Virginia means Virginal, Pure, and is derived from the Latin word; Virgo. It means maiden or virgin. In Christian tradition, the name Virginia is associated with the Virgin Mary.

Yuki, Yukiko

The Japanese name for girls means, Happiness or Snow.

snowman, winter, grasses

Beautiful baby Christmas names for boys

Christmas and winter also inspire many parents to find a beautiful name for a boy.
Check out this list of pretty baby names that are very popular worldwide
because of their profound meaning


The name Aster has its origin in the Greek word asteri, which means star. The name can also be derived from the Aster flower, thanks to its star-shaped flower head.


The boy’s name Alfredo is of Italian origin, meaning elf counselor or wise counselor. Reminding us of the elves, making every effort to make beautiful Christmas presents for all the kids in the world.


This beautiful baby boy’s name inspired by Christmas, is sometimes spelled as Balthasar and means ‘Baal protects the King’ or God protects the King. The name, of Hebrew origin, refers to one of the Three Wise Men who visited baby Jesus to bring him gifts.


Caleb is of Hebrew origin and means devotion to God or the Whole Heart. It is a popular biblical baby name from the Old Testament.


The alternate spelling of this name is Kasper. The name has multiple meanings treasurer, holder of the treasury, or bringer of precious gifts.  Together with Melchior and Balthasar, they were the Three Kings/ Wise Men who brought gifts to the Christ child.


The name Christian means Follower of Christ. You can find numerous variations in many languages for this name, like, for instance, Christen (Danish), Christer (Swedish), Chris (English and German), Kristjan (Estonian), and Christos (Greek).


This traditional Christmas name for boys means Bearer of Christ or to Carry Christ in Your Heart. This was a trendy name for a baby boy in the second half of the previous century. Christopher Reeve, Christopher Plummer, Christopher Lee, and Christopher Walken are famous people with this name.


The name Emmanuel is a boy’s name, meaning God is with us. The name Immanuel is of Hebrew origin. This was the predicted name of the Messiah, as can be found in the old testament. Manuel is popular in Spanish-speaking countries.


The name Gabriel means Strong man, Hero, or God is my Strength. The archangel Gabriel was the messenger of God who brought the Good news to the Virgin Mary of the upcoming birth of God’s Son, Jesus.


The meaning of the name Jesus is God saves. What name could be more suited for a boy born around Christmas time?


Meaning bright, light-giving, or the bright one. Derived from the Latin name Lucius. Luke is also a name from the Christian bible, one of Jesus Christ’s apostles.


A name of Hebrew origin that means “Gift of God.” Matthew the Apostle was also one of Jesus’ disciples and is a highly popular Christmas name.


Santa Claus’s real name is St Nicholas. This is a name of Greek origin. Nikolaos means Victory of the people, where Niki means victory, and Laos means the people. Nicholas or Nick is the perfect, traditional Christmas name.


This name is a popular name for boys and girls. A festive name means Christmas or birthday of the Lord.


A unique baby boy name reminding me of the North pole. Historically used as a surname for families who lived in the north. Nowadays a name for both boys and girls. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s named their little girl North.


Snowden means from the snowy hills. A strong boy’s name that describes the beautiful winter scenery is often used for Christmas cards.


The name Shepherd is a Christmas-inspired baby name for boys meaning sheepherder.


A beautiful baby name meaning “winter solstice.” The origin of the name is English/Scottish and was given to babies born at Christmas.


A rare baby name, meaning the winter season itself. The name Winter dates back to the 9th century and was used merely as a surname. It became popular as a boy’s middle name and a girl’s name in the fifties. It wasn’t until the seventies that the name became popular as a baby boy’s name.

Giving your baby a traditional Christmas name or one related to the winter holiday season is like paying tribute to this special time of the year and its significance.

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