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The best child proof door locks for all types of doors in your home

It is not as straightforward as it seems, and some parents have found themselves confronting major issues in finding the appropriate child proof door locks when they attempt to babyproof their home.

Of course, you always worry about your child’s safety and try whatever you can to keep them away from harm when in or outside the house.

The appropriate door locks for babies can eliminate a lot of unnecessary stress. A good locking device will stop your little ones from accessing dangerous areas like your swimming pool, bathroom, balcony, and closets with cleaning supplies.

Not to mention, a toddler should not be able to open an exterior door and run outside into a street full of traffic. It is often challenging to find the right lock for a front door when a toddler is determined to explore what is on the other side of that door.

Ideally, a baby door lock would be 100% foolproof, but that is unfortunately not always the case. Read on what we discovered about each lock, so it is easier for you to find the right door locks to childproof your home.

What to look for when choosing child proof door locks?

  • Some toddlers are masters in figuring out how a safety lock works. Check what other parents say about the difficulty of opening the lock.
  • Next, it is important that you, as a parent, can easily open the door without too much effort.
  • Look for child proof door locks made of durable material. Your child will probably rip it off in seconds when it’s made of cheap plastic.


Child proof locks for exterior doors

1. Door Knob Covers by Jool Baby – 4 Pack

Looking for a child-proof front door lock? These doorknob covers are proven effective at stopping children from opening doors that lead to outside areas that are off-limit.

Parents can easily open these doorknobs by getting hold of it through the holes and pinching and turning the knob simultaneously. For a child, it is complicated because their hands are too small, and secondly, they lack the strength to do it. They will fit most standard-sized knobs, whether round or oval (check dimensions). Another great feature is that you cannot forget to lock the door after use, as it stays in place on the doorknob.

Door Knob Covers - 4 Pack - Child Safety Cover - Child Proof Doors by Jool Baby

Two other brands with solid child doorknob covers are Max Strength and Betertek.

Video demonstration of how to install a doorknob cover

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2.Cardinal Gates Door Guardian

The Original White Door Guardian, Since 2010. Do Not Be Fooled by Imitators.

A very strong lock for babyproofing all your exterior doors, including doors to a laundry room, basement, or garage. The Door Guardian prevents toddlers from escaping the house and provides extra security against intruders trying to force themselves into your home.

Video review of the Door Guardian lock

Child proof lock for sliding glass door with access to outdoor areas

1. Patio Door Security Bar with Child-Proof Lock

Locks are also available to prevent your child from opening a sliding glass door with access to a patio or balcony.

If you live in a high-rise condo and are afraid your child will go out on the balcony, a patio door security bar is your best option. We recommend installing this bar in the middle of the door, not on the top or bottom. This way, you can open the sliding door without bending or stretching to reach the bar.

Ideal Security SK110W SK110 Patio Door Security Bar Child-Proof Lock, Adjustable 26-47 inches for Ventillation, Large, White

Video of how to install the patio door security bar

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2. Sure Basics SB22 Sliding Door Lock, Grey/White (2 Pack)

Sure Basics Sliding Door Lock, Grey/White (2 Pack)

We recommend the Sure Basic sliding door lock if you are looking for a cheaper solution for your sliding doors. A very effective door lock for babies that is easy to install by placing the strong adhesive strip on the window of your sliding door. This child-proof door lock can also be used for sliding closet and pantry doors.

Video of the Sure Basics sliding door lock

Childproofing your interior doors

1. Child proof door lever lock (2 pack)

Doors with lever-style handles are the easiest for toddlers and children to open. A child can easily get out of the house or access other rooms inside the house by simply grabbing the handle and pulling it down. Childproofing doors with lever handles is not difficult, though. Specially designed covers that fit onto the door handle are available. They attach to the door with either adhesive strips or can be installed with screws driven into the door itself.

Door Lever Lock (2 Pack) Child Proof Doors & Handles 3M Adhesive - Child Safety By Tuut

2. Glidelok Child Safety Door Top Lock

A top lock can be a great solution for almost all types of interior doors. Unlike knob or handle covers, this device is installed directly on the door and door frame and locks and unlocks from both sides of the door. This child-proof door lock device can be quickly installed at the top of the door, ensuring that children cannot grasp the latch, yet adults can easily reach up and unlock the door.

2 Pack - GlideLok Child Safety Door Top Lock Made of Durable Metal (Not Plastic Like Other Models) | for Babyproofing & Childproofing Interior/Exterior Doors | Adults Can Open Door from Both Sides

3. Door Monkey Child-proof Door Lock & Pinch Guard

The door monkey is a type of child-proof door-locking device that simply clips onto the door and grips the door frame, locking the door in a slightly open position. This allows air to circulate and small pets to pass into the room that’s off-limits, but not toddlers or children. It’s very simple to attach to the door and locks automatically. This device also prevents little fingers from getting pinched when a door suddenly slams shut.

DOOR MONKEY Door Lock & Pinch Guard - Safety Door Lock For Kids - Baby Proof Door Lock For Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Kitchens - Easy, Convenient & Simple To Install - Very Portable - Great For Dogs & Cats

Video on how to use the door monkey lock

Finger pinch guard for doors

Now we made sure your child cannot open the door, let’s focus on another often-overlooked hazard. Did you know that finger accidents on the hinge side of the door cause yearly about 300.000 injuries, with 25.000 being fractured or needing to be amputated?

Wittle Finger Pinch Guard - 4pk. Baby Proofing Doors Made Easy with Soft Yet Durable Foam Door Stopper. Prevents Finger Pinch Injuries, Slamming Doors, and Child or Pet from Getting Locked in Room

But little fingers can also get crushed on the handle side of the door. So, we need to provide finger protection on both the hinge and handle sides. The Little Finger Pinch Guard creates a 1.5-inch space between the door and door frame to stop the door from slamming shut. It’s made of soft yet durable foam that will not cause damage to your wooden door frame.

If you found this list with locks to baby-proof your doors useful, feel free to share it. We also love to hear what you believe to be the best child proof door locks in the comments below.

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  1. For every homeowner, child-proofing is a stressful task. These locks, however, may be the only thing preventing your child from exploring into potentially unsafe regions. As a result, it’s critical to select the best child proof door locks on the market. Thank you for recommend these.

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